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About Me

Hi! I am Saikrishna Gadwal.

I am in this field of 24 departments by passion and dreamt of it 24 hours daily and still do. Though I studied Computers in B-Tech, my interest has always been movies; especially production values and promotion strategies. During my graduation days, I have started a small startup called ‘Flying Pics’ which focused on promotions with pictures/photos in a varied style and garnered attention from many. As a part of this, we even did promotions for few movies successfully. I have even created a Youtube Channel called ‘Filmiplex’ focusing on bringing out technical details in film production by interviewing various movie celebrities. With the success of these, I grew in confidence and has been looking for an opportunity, when I heard of auditions for production & marketing team lead by Mr.Tharun Bhascker for his directorial debut ‘Pellichoopulu’. My enthusiasm and earlier efforts enabled me to crack it and I joined in his team to enhance my skills further. Currently I work as a Line Producer in SPVG (Suresh Productions Vinoothna Geetha) Media, also taking care of its Marketing department and at times as a Manager to Tharun Sir.

Being with SPVG and especially with the young and creative Tharun Sir, is an enriching experience for me with many learning opportunities in Film Production. As of now, I have worked/currently working on below projects with Tharun Sir and his team and all have been pretty successful.

Pellichoopulu Movie
Movie has won to National Award for the Director and Launched Mr.Vijay Deverakonda as a Hero

Ee Nagaraniki EmaindiĀ 
Line Producer
First buddy comedy film in Telugu

Meeku Mathrame Chepta
Tharun Sir’s acting debut in a lead role

Pressure Cooker Movie
New age family entertainer movie

Big Bazaar AdvertisementĀ 
Line Producer
Ad shot on Mr.Naga Chaitanya & Mrs.Samantha

Sangeetha Mobiles AdĀ 
Line Producer
Ad shot on Mr.Vijay Deverakonda

Priya Masala Ad
Line Producer
Shot for Ramoji Group

Lust Stories (Telugu)
Line Producer
Shot for Netflix

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